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Getting You Back on the Road

Tripod provides a full range of vehicle leasing and fleet management products and services to meet your varying needs. Our award winning solutions include contract hire, vehicle maintenance, fuel management, accident management, breakdown recovery, short term hire, full outsourcing and consultancy services.

By law you are entitled to recover all your costs and expenses from the driver at fault. Literally, you are entitled to be put back in the same position as you were before the car accident happened.
Tripod offer a seamless service ensuring you have no financial worries at all. We promise to look after you throughout all aspects of the incident from the moment it is reported to the final settlement stage. All at no cost to you.

With our own fleet of vehicles, Tripod would supply a like for like replacement vehicle suitable to your needs on credit terms usually referred to as “credit hire. The period of rental will be determined by time it will take to repair your vehicle or upon the receipt of a final settlement in the even that your vehicle is deemed a total loss.

The hire charges you incur are then sent to the negligent driver’s insurance company for payment in line with the protocols of the Association of British Insurers, thus allowing swifter resolution and settlement of credit hire cases.

Based in Kent, we support customers of all sizes, across all sectors and of all size business start-ups.